Carletti Diorami & Presepi

Hand-crafted productions

Carletti Dioramas & Presepi is a craft business founded in 2022 by Claudio Carletti with headquarters in Casalina di Deruta in the province of Perugia.

Claudio Carletti gave birth to this entrepreneurial project, born from his passion for modeling, especially in the creation of artistic Dioramas and Nativity scenes, in his homeland: the beautiful Umbria.

Carletti dioramas & cribs is the first Umbrian company to be specialized in both the creation of dioramas and artistic cribs and among the few in Italy specialized in dioramas and architectural models.

Dioramas are scale reproductions of real subjects such as palaces, monuments, villages or fantasy subjects such as fantasy or military dioramas. They are very similar to plastic models where the details of the reproduced subjects are reproduced to scale and faithfully.

Other subjects for the realization of the dioramas are:
Scenography for Role Playing Games

We also produce architectural models for museums, companies and individuals.

As for the artistic cribs, these can be made in different styles: popular, which reproduces settings of villages and farmhouses; historical/Palestinian where the reproduced sets are inspired by Palestine at the time of the birth of Jesus.

The nativity scenes are made according to the customer’s requests and can be personalized with statuettes, accessories to furnish the interiors of houses such as kitchen or bedroom furniture; or outdoor accessories such as wells, fountains, carts.

Carletti Diorami & Presepi also produces a line of products designed for shops and retailers of accessories for cribs which includes:

Houses, small villages, cribs complete with lighting and accessories for indoors and outdoors.

Carletti Dioramas & Presepi offers the rental service of dioramas for the decoration of the shop windows during the year and during the Christmas holidays; setting up a showcase with objects that attract the attention of passers-by helps the sale of products.

The materials used to create the products are: extruded polystyrene for the structures and some accessories, windows, doors and tiles.

The plasters are made with plaster as if they were real.

Coloring with natural lands and acrylic colors.

The products are made entirely by hand in an artisanal way without the aid of machinery and no component of the sets is purchased ready-made.

We guarantee the creation of unique products, customizable in size, color and with attention to the smallest details.

Carletti Dioramas & Presepi is based in Casalina di Deruta, a characteristic medieval village near Perugia.

The laboratory is located in the center of the town in the main square.
The interior is divided into two main areas, the showroom immediately at the entrance where the products of the artisan company are displayed, next to it the production laboratory where the products are built.

The laboratory is small but full of life where Claudio Carletti develops and realizes his ideas together with his collaborator Lorena, specialized in coloring, thanks to her artistic studies and years of experience in the best artistic laboratories in our area.